Mission Statement
Rick Jay with Fluid Cushion

Rick Jay
Founder JARIK Medical

The goals of JARIK Medical are simple:
  1. To help save the lives of the thousands of people with spinal cord injuries/disorders in developing countries that are dying each year from preventable pressure sores.
  2. To help all people with disabilities in developing countries to sit straighter, more comfortably and more stably, so that they can function better in their wheelchairs.
To help accomplish this, we will:
  1. Design, clinically validate, manufacture and distribute high quality wheelchair cushions at least 75% less expensive than comparable products in developed countries.
  2. Provide a website with easy-to-follow education materials, to help providers properly fit wheelchair seating: go to education page.
  3. In order to make our social business sustainable, we will sell our products to
    charity wheelchair providers and to for-profit distributors that hire and train local
    people to properly fit our products. Prices to distributors will be at our
    manufacturing cost plus a small margin to cover the costs of quality control and
    minimal overheads.

Rick Jay
Founder JARIK Medical

In 1981, Rick Jay founded Jay Medical and designed the Jay* Cushion for wheelchairs, based on a patented fluid technology.  With over 1,000,000 Jay Cushions sold to date, this technology is known for its ability to help prevent pressure sores and provide improved sitting stability and function.  Rick went on to develop a full range of posture-enhancing seating for wheelchairs plus the RIK** Fluid Mattress to help heal existing pressure sores.

In June, 2009, Rick founded JARIK Medical, a social enterprise, to which he is donating his time.

* Jay is a trademark of Sunrise Medical
** RIK is a trademark of KCI
The Cushion for Life
Because every wheelchair user needs a proper cushion to help prevent posture
deformities and some need a special cushion to help prevent lethal pressure sores.
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The JARIK Fluid Cushion helps prevent the pressure sores that kill tens of thousands of people in developing countries due to infected pressure sores.
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Better Posture And Function
For people not at pressure sore risk, the JARIK Contoured Foam Cushion provides better posture, balance and comfort.
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