Our experience with JARIK Cushions

Nekram Upadhyay
, Chief of Wheelchair Seating Clinic (Department of Assistive Technology)
Indian Spinal Injury Centre, New Delhi, India

Comments from our patients on the JARIK Fluid Cushion:
-“It definitely protects my skin.”
-“Feeling so much more stable – makes doing things easier”
-“I am sitting straighter.”

Based on our own trials and those at 7 other hospitals on 81 spinal injured patients, 83% preferred the JARIK Fluid Cushion over the cushion they were accustomed to using.  Plus, our pressure mapping shows its sitting pressures to be equivalent to the ROHO and Jay cushions, at about 25% of the cost.

We will definitely be using this cushion on the majority of our patients with spinal cord injuries. And we will be using the inexpensive JARIK Contoured Foam Cushion on patients with normal sensation (this mildly contoured foam cushion provides stability and comfort for the person at low risk for skin breakdown).

I welcome your questions at: nrupadhyay@yahoo.com